Avoid your enemies and the dashed blue lines of the game field for as long as possible. Prove yourself to your friends and relatives by sharing a video of your best play. You can also add video comments to your replays once you have finished playing using the front facing camera of your smartphone or tablet.

Hexagones will test your reflexes and skills with the thumbstick but also your skills as strategist because planning your movements is as important as reacting fast. At the beginning you will die quite often but you will progressively increase your reflexes/skills and last longer. Hey! if you manage to survive for more than 120 seconds you should think about becoming a drone pilot

Game features:
• Integration with EveryPlay to share videos of your plays
• Watch replays, comment and share replays with friends in Youtube
• Incredible music theme
• Handheld game console look and feel
• Progressive increase of difficulty

We develop this game for one of our clients, you can play it on your IOS device