In «Kiddy vs. Universum», a powerful but lonely little alien defends Earth from space invasion.

Player will have to aid Kiddy in defending six of the world's biggest cities – from Kiev and Moscow to London and Tokyo. The invaders dispose of an infinite number of asteroids and seven types of spaceships, each having unique characteristics and weak points, which Kiddy will need to spot and exploit in order to overcome the enemy. Of course, Kiddy will not be using boring guns or lasers or whatever outdated weapons – he is gifted by nature with telekinetic powers! That, and probably those genetic experiments performed by evil alien octopuses had a small influence...

You will cut through enemies with single telekinetic punches and super-attacks requiring agile fingers and good reaction speed. You will attack with taps and swipes across 37 levels, 6 epic boss fights and over 9000 explosions (yes, we literally counted them – just to be sure), Deadly Death Rays of Deathly Death and a variety of battle tactics. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s «Kiddy vs. Universum»!

Game features:
• Global-scale battles to save Earth’s capitals against the invading armada
• Exciting lovely hand-drawn 2D graphics inspired by the true love for the craft
• Fast-paced action gameplay with bright colors and spaceships
• 6 epic bosses true to traditions of 2D action-games of the 16-bit era 
• A passionate and heartwarming story of joy, sorrow, happiness and standing for those you care for
• Intuitive and user-friendly gesture-based controls 

We plan to release Kiddy VS Universum on - iOS, Android, BlackBerry, W8